這篇文章主要記錄由 2014 年開始到 2018 年的便攜式冷氣機(空調)開發計劃的所有版本及失敗原因。由於此計劃已經完成,現在在此作開源處理。 授權:姓名標示-非商業性-禁止改作 3.0 香港 (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 HK) Short for PA#, The version number is represented by #. Aim This project aims to design and create the world's first Thermoelectric Plate based portable air cooling devices with a target of handheld and at least 1 hour running time. Budget Limit The budget has been limited to less than 1000HKD per prototype. And the manufacturing price of raw material (excluding shipping) should be lower than 100HKD. The design of PA1 to PA5 did not have any prototype as there are still design problems inside the sketch that made the sketch not possible to manufacture. Reference design sketches are included as reference. PA01 PA02 PA03 PA04 PA04 rev2 PA05 PA06The first success prototype of the Portable Air Conditioner Project. System wiringPA07 The PA07 was similar to PA06 but with more solid casing with cardboard instead of paper cards. Cooling UnitPA08The PA08 was the first prototype for self contained Portable Air Conditioner with standard forward Peltier Design. Internal StructurePA09The portable air conditioner version 9 was the first version that…
ArOZ Online BETA 版開發中
ArOZ Online Alpha 版早在 2016 年就完成並運作好幾個月了。 Alpha 版用起來還算方便但是有很多想要的功能卻沒有,好像說看不到漫畫,傳不了信息還有多多少少很多不同的不方便。於是這樣的話就乾脆把 ArOZ Online 系統改成移動式雲端就好了。你想想看,如果有一個雲端處理系統能夠放在背包裡,然後用手機連上去之後就能夠看到自己的庫存漫畫、動漫、玩到小遊戲、也能夠做基本的文書處理和圖像處理(好像小畫家、筆記本之類的感覺),最重要的是把自己整個音樂庫也帶在這個移動雲端裡面,就不用每次聽歌都要上網到真正的雲端伺服器慢慢的下載下來了。 嘛,想是這樣想,可是要支援所有 OS 和平台的使用者界面…應該就只有 HTML 吧? 於是, ArOZ Online Alpha 這個多媒體串流網站計劃就這樣變成了 BETA 版的移動雲端網站應用系統了。 好吧,到底雲端怎樣移動呢?是要背一台伺服器上街麼?才不啦w 最近不是有那個甚麼 Raspberry Pi Zero W 嗎?這麼迷你的一台東西裡面已經包含了CPU, RAM, USB Port, Storage 之類伺服器需要用的資源了。所以在這裡面 Host 個 Web Server 就可以了吧。   然後再加上一塊聚合物鋰電池,一塊 Micro USB 的 Hub 擴展板,然後兩塊 64GB 的 USB 電路板(對,是要打開 USB 手指裡面把電路板拔出來),把兩塊 USB 做成 RAID 0,那樣就能夠把READ / WRITE 速度 x2了,又或者做成 RAID 1 的話也能更確保資料安全性。不過既然是放音樂、動漫之類不見了也不要緊的東西,當然是 RAID 0 較好用吧。 ArOZ Online BETA (實驗版) 雖然說還在開發中,可是基本上能用的實驗版已經出來了。大致上長這樣子: 全部的 Module 採用 Grid 的型式來顯示,找起來還算方便。每個 Module 也能自定封面和 description text。所以自由度非常大。 延續 ArOZ Online Alpha 版的傳統,ArOZ Online 系統必要有的 Module: 音樂,影片 和 相片 系統。這次的音樂庫做成了 Web App 的形式,在手機上看到這個網站也是跟一般的播放應用程式無異,就是不用安裝直接能用。 (下面的是 ArOZ Online Alpha 版的音樂播放界面)   相片模組的界面也不是變得太多,只是新系統加入了相片管理頁面,能夠把不同時間或是標題的相片分類儲存。 (下面的是舊版) 而影片播放器還沒寫好,所以留待下次更新再寫吧。 在 ArOZ Online BETA 之下新增了不少新的模組,包括有移植自 IMUS 實驗室標淮網頁服務的 Quick Send 和 Q/9 輸入法   新加入的模組就包括了 Home Dynamic (家居自動化控制器)、Manga Cafe (漫畫應用)、ArOZ Chat 、Memo 等 (Manga Cafe 應用) (Memo 牆) 而系統控制模組方面,現在已準備了 Pi DB(輕量化資料庫),Upload Manager (上載 API),Virtual File System,HELP 模組(Read me 收集器)等 (使用了 Upload Manager API 的 Audio Module) (HELP 模組會收集其他模組裡的 READ ME 然後整理顯示出來。) 待更新…        
40000mAh 超大容量聚合物鋰電池開發完成
40000mAh 聚合物鋰電池重制計劃 規格 容量:40000Mah 輸出口:8個 1.5A Max x6 3A (share) x2 IMUS SAB 充電管理器 x4 IMUS Universal Port x1 (v2.0) (與 UP1 不兼容,不提供5V 輸出功能) 嵌入式微控制器:AVR ATtiny24A SSU 五段式電量顯示器 最大充電速度 5v 4A供 5V 輸出 最大放電流量:3.7v 12A (超過的話會激活自動斷電保護)     有關本計劃的開發記錄可見此 pdf 開發記錄
Hyper Charging Power Bank
Project Introduction Power Bank usually output at a Voltage of 5V with current up to 2.1A (MAX), however in some cases, when you want to charge a bit faster, increase the current will not help as most of the devices usually draw up to 1A (MAX). Hence, if you want to charge a bit faster and not afraid of damaging your devices, you can try to use the Hyper Charge approach. Explanation Hyper Charge is just a random name for the technique that rise the voltage of the output USB port by 0.5V to 1V. Hence, the maximum power delivered to the devices will be increased from, for example 5W (5V 1A) to 6W (6V 1A). Hence, the devices should thermostatically charge a bit faster. Gallery [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="77,78,79,74,75,73,76,80,72"] Wiring Diagram Just for refrence Specification 5V600mA Output Port x1 6V 3A Max Output Port x1 5V 1A Charging Circuit x1 1100 mAh Li-ion Battery x4      
The 20000mAh Power Bank
  Project Introduction Power supply usually is a problem that occurs when you go camping or long period of outdoor activity. The time that this power bank was made, the common power bank volume you can find on the market has a maximum of  10000mAh. That is quite enough for daily uses but not for those who go camping every years. Hence, I made myself a giant power bank with solar charging system. Explanation During camping, there is no electric plug for charging your power bank. Hence, I need to find an alternative sources of power supply which Solar power come into my mind. We all know that Li-ion Battery will lose its stored capacity during unused period. And the solar panel on top was to reduce the energy lose by continuously charging the Battery just to refill its energy lost. Specification 5V 1.2A Output x2 5V 1A Charging Controller x1 5V 150mA Solar Panel x1 3.7V 21000mAh Lithium Ion Battery Universal Charging Port x1 12V Charging Input Male Header (2.1mm)   Universal Charging Port (UCP) is a Standard USB…
The $1 Hologram Screen
Project Introduction Hologram on youtube or instructables are always a hot topic. You can buy those cheap Hologram stand for a few dollars, but actually, you can make your own. Due to the over simple mechanism of this DIY project, I better just post pictures and let yourself to decide how to make it. The back of the Hologram Screen     Side Views with our Old Logo Explanation You can see the thin transparent screen makes a 45 degree angle with the bottom card board. Hence, when you place the mobile phone onto the screen, the light reflects from the screen and create a Hologram like image. You can also change the black background to other image just to look cool. Specification 7 inch 1mm thickness Full transparent Aquatic Sheet   Project Ended in 28/8/2014