Ultraflat Bluetooth Speaker

Here in IMUS Laboratory, we revolutionized the design of a standard Bluetooth speaker.
Why Bluetooth Speaker have to be like, a speaker? Why can't it be like an artwork?
Introducing the 'Ultraflat' Resonant Bluetooth Speaker. Probability the most amazing speaker in the world.

Thickness is what mattered

The 'Ultraflat' Speaker has a thickness of only 13mm. Build in dual 30mm Resonant Speaker, it can deliver much higher dB then your smartphone does.
With that tiny space, we managed to put 2900mAh Lithium Polymer Battery with dual protection circuits. Providing a crystal clear of music experience off grid up to 6 hours.

Texture Optimized Audio Experience

Ultraflat speaker audio quality can be optimized by placing the speaker unit on different surface with different texture.
With the external aluminium alloy casing and resonant speakers, placing on wood deliver the best audio experience for acoustic sound track.

Technical Specification
Dimension: 165 x 75 x 13 mm
Speaker: 30mm 3W Resonant Speaker x2
Battery: 3.7V 1450mAh Lithium Polymer Battery x2
Charging: SABC2.0 Standard x2
Bluetooth: Version 4.0
Operational Amplifier: Class-D
Color: Long Brushed Aluminium / Black Anodized Aluminium / White Anodized Aluminium

$450 HKD
Long Brushed Aluminium
$620 HKD
Black Anodized Aluminium
$620 HKD
White Anodized Aluminium

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