Tinduino Programmer Bundle

Here in IMUS Laboratory, we made your life easier.
Tinduino requires AVR programmer or USBASP / USBISP to program. Isn't it troublesome?
Introducing the Tinduino Programmer with custom made Programmer Adaptor.

Simple, Plug and Program Interface

With our custom made adaptor, users can simplify plug in the 10 pin programmer and Tinduino, click the burn button on your IDE and done.
There is no extra parts for the programmer or Adaptor, it is just a simple to use tools for programming mass amount of Tinduinos.

Nothing more, it is just a programmer with adaptor.

After you plugged in the Tinduino to the adaptor and the USBISP (USBASP) into your laptop or PC, the power light on Tinduino will lights up.
And now, you can start programming your Tinduino or just mess around with its fuse setting in the programming interface or bootloader.

Technical Specification
Dimension: 33 * 19 * 12 mm (Adaptor)
Programmer Type: USBISP / USBASP
Power: USB port with 5V 1A Recommended
Cable Length: 55mm
$48 HKD
USBISP / USBASP + Programmer Adaptor Bundle
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