Quick Access / 快速存取
Web Services we are providing

Running Services / 正在運作的服務
ArOZ Online Beta

The internal use web desktop system, allowing remote access to server resources


A public dropzone for sending files between devices / users without the need to access your cloud storage drive.

IMUS Technology List

A list of technology developed by our team. Beware of the license :)

Author's Blog

The blog that documents all discovery and innovation of the website's author (Cantonese / Traditional Chinese)

Legacy Services / 舊有服務

The air-conditioner project for sub-divided housing.

IMUS Direct Access Mode

IMUS Redirection Services for cross server APIs. Not for normal people.

Friendly Links / 友誼連接
A list of makers / developers website related to imuslab

About Us / 關於我們
The contact information about us

imuslab was founded in 2016. We are a group of university students with passion in creating new products and willing to innovate new ideas. We focus on new technology that no one has ever done before.

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